Ybor City Barbering co.

Muscle Cut Barbershop

This is our standard haircut, includes a wash and a blow dry & style. You will receive a complimentary drink from our bar with this service. 

This service provides a haircut with a blow dry style. Also a beard trim with a straight razor on back of the neck and edge (not the front neck) Complimentary beer included.

This is your in between haircut service. this service we will taper you sides and back and put your part back in if needed but we will not cut any hair off the top, if you need to trim the top you will need to book out a haircut so the barber will have enough time to preform the service you want. This service does not include a shampoo

This service includes a haircut with a blow dry style. A hot towel shave infused with tea tree oils. Finally ending with a relaxing facial with a cold tea tree towel to end the service. Free beer is included. 

This service provides a relaxing facial with ourfacial steamer. Complimentary beer included.

This services provides a straight razor shave infused with tea tree oils. we also us a facial steamer during the service to really open up the pores and get the smoothest shave of your life. Complimentary beer included.