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house studio

Have a real  VIP experience at the house studio, the vibe of a barbershop, the intimacy of a studio. we have draft beer and craft drinks to make your service just a little better, you can park in the driveway or street, I'll see you soon!



This haircut, includes a wash and a blow dry & style. i make sure to book out enough time for your service to make sure I can give you the exact haircut you are looking for, and make sure you leave styled and ready to go out. 


Haircut & Beard

Haircut & Facial

Haircut & shave

All IN  (haircut, shave, facial)


Beard Trim

This is beard trim with a straight razor on the neck and edge with two hot towels. long or short I can get your beard perfect.

Beard Trim

Specialty Beard Trim


Haircut & Beard trim

Clean up & Beard trim

Clean up & specialty Beard trim



Clean up

This is your in between haircut service. this service we will taper you sides and back and put your part back in if needed but we will not cut any hair off the top, if you need to trim the top you will need to book out a haircut so I will have enough time to preform the service you want. This service does not include a shampoo

Clean up

Clean up & beard Trim

Clean up & Specialty Beard trim

Clean up & Facial

Clean up & Shave



This service provides a relaxing facial that includes at least five hot towels,  a cleansing facial cleanse, followed by a facial scrub, afterwards i will apply a mask (either gold for moisture or charcoal for oil control), next i will apply a moisturizer and finish with a mist of sink toner. 


Haircut & Facial

Clean up & Facial

Facial & Shave

All IN (haircut, facial, shave)


Hot towel shave

This services provides a straight razor shave infused with tea tree oils. we also use at least three hot towels during the service to really open up the pores and get the smoothest shave of your life. I will also use pre shave oil and shaving cream to help the blade glide and give almost no pulling, i will finish with a cold towel and moisturizing cream to sooth skin and prevent irritation.

Hot towel shave

Haircut & shave

Facial & shave

Clean up & shave

Head Shave

Head shave & face shave

All In (haircut, shave & facial)


additional services

Check out some of the other services i  offer

eyebrow waxing

eyebrow razor

nose hair waxing

black face mask treatment

24k gold eye mask

Satisfaction Guarantee

If there is ever anything you want adjusted or want to talk to me about feel free to get into contact with me, i usually respond to text messages and emails sooner


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